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What are this year's dates?

 dot The 'Moon in June' dates for 2014 will be June 6th - 8th.

 dot Alas, the 'Harvest Moon' is no more.

What is the cost to attend?
There is no charge to attend the Moon in June Celebration, but we do accept donations to help pay for things that are brought in for the event - such as the portable toilets, rubbish facilities, etc.

What should I bring?
Other than the Ferrys personal residence, which is not part of the festival facilities, the site is basically undeveloped and should be considered 'primitive camping'. This means that you should bring anything that you would normally bring camping - such as sleeping bags, tarps, tents, camp stoves, insect repellent, tools, cooking gear, food, folding tables and chairs, flashlights, lanterns... Well you get the idea.

You should also bring your dancing shoes and musical instruments.

How do I get there?
Directions to the ranch are not available on this web site. If you would like to attend the celebration, you must first e-mail Lynn or Richard for directions. They will then e-mail the directions back to you.

Camp Layout What is the layout of the camp?
We had a camp layout drawing available here.

What facilities are available?
The useable facilities are limited to portable toilets, and a cold water sink adjacent to the kitchen area.

What activities are there to do while there?
Aside from the dancing and music, there are several trails through the ranch, a couple of water holes for swimming on hot days, and even a small cave to explore (The cave has some small chambers with great acoustics). Traditionally, we will take moon-light walks along the road.

May I bring my dog?
Yes, dogs (friendly ones, at least) are welcome, but if your dog has trouble getting along with other dogs, it would be best if you did not bring them along. Fighting dogs are generally unpleasant. Even if you do not use it, you should bring a leash - just in case...
Please clean up after them and keep them under control at all times.

What about children?
Children are welcome as well. For their safety, we do ask that you keep them supervised at all times.

What wild animals are in the area?
At various times of the year you can expect to see a lot of different animals. Of the larger animals, we have seen coyotes, bears and deer here.

There are also numerous snakes in the area.

Yes, there are bears in the area. With the number of people concentrated in the main camping area, it would be highly unlikely that a bear would wander in.

Rattle Snakes
There are also rattle snakes in the area. Boots are advised on trails or in tall grass. Be alert and watch where you are walking. Rattlers have been seen near the cabin, so its probably best to reserve the sandles for the swimming hole only.

What about poison oak?
Yes, we do have poison oak on the ranch, so you should be alert for it when walking in the woods, as it is not nessesarily removed from all frequented areas. If you do not know what it looks like, get someone to show you what it looks like.

There are two camping areas available for use on the ranch. In addition to the two main camping areas, there are several 'spot' camping sites located down the valley from the main camp. There is also a field suiteable for modest sized RV's. All camping areas and sites are on a first-come first-served basis.
  The Main Camp
The main camp is adjacent to the cabin, dance floor and 'kitchen' area. It is an undeveloped field with grass and trees, there are no 'fixed' sites and it has room for about 30 cars (or 90 people). People camping at this site should be aware that there will be things happening on the dance floor pretty much all night long. If the light or noise bothers you, perhaps the quiet camp is the better place for you.

Toilet facilities consist of a pair of portable toilets located next to the small barn.

The Quiet Camp
The quiet camp is located just across and up the road (about a two minute walk). It is an small undeveloped field with grass and trees, there are no 'fixed' sites and it has room for about 5 cars (or 15 people). As the name implies, this camp is reserved for people who wish to actually be able to get some sleep at night, away from the lights and sounds of the all night revels.

There are no toilet facilities in the quite camp.

For those who do not wish to camp, there are a few other choices. The nearest lodging is in Buck Meadows, 25 min away, at either the Buck Meadows Motel; or the the Berry Inn Bed & Breakfast.
There is also the Jeffrey Hotel in Coulterville, 35 min away. (209) 878-3400

Please contact Richard and Lynn for more details.

Campfires are allowed are in the 3 firepits by the main cabin only. The gathering is in the height of fire season. The fire must be kept down to a reasonable size and running water must be in reach. No campfires are allowed anywhere else!

Kitchen Area
The kitchen area is directly in front of the cabin. There are generally many tables here for general use. If you have one, bring your own cook stove. There is a sink (with cold water only) for cleaning up. Please clean up after yourself promptly, as there is likely someone else waiting to use the facility after you.

There are bins for general rubbish, compost and recycling in the kitchen area. Please use the appropriate bins for your rubbish.