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 dot The new dance floor that we put in last spring has held up beautifully so far this winter - water beads up on the floor surface nicely, and nothing is yet warped or bent. To be on the safe side, we are thiking of giving the floor another coat of sealer in April once it warms up a bit and th efloor has had the chance to completely dry out.

The work weekends planned are:
   April 24 th: Winter cleanup & repair of swimming hole, dance floor, etc.. On Sunday, we plan to head on down to the Magnolia Saloon in Coulterville for the session and some dancing. It's great fun!.

More work projects are in consideration for 2009, but nothing has been decided yet.

April, 2008:
 dot New Dance Floor : That's right, we are rebuilding and expanding the dance floor to about 640 square feet - that's almost twice the size of the old one. This one will also sport new railings so there is little danger of dancers falling on the musicians. Woo-hoo!!

The work weekends planned are:
   April 12th: Deconstruct the old floor and foundation work.
   April 19th:
Floor beams, joists and flooring.
   April 26th:
Handrailings and finishing .

April, 2007:
 dot BBQ Apron / Shelter Building Weekends: The BBQ is getting a few upgrades: A concrete apron around the base and a permanent shade cover. We expect that this will take about three weekends to complete. The planned weekends are:
   March 31st: Frame and pour the apron.
   Date TBD:
Start the retaining wall and shade cover.
   Date TBD:
Complete the retaining wall and shade cover.

February, 2004:
 dot BBQ Building Weekends: We are building a BBQ with 2 grills and 2 double sinks. This should take about four weekends to complete. The planned weekends are:
   March 27th: Lay the foundation, build forms, gather stones.
   April 10th:
Build the walls
   May 1st:
Complete the walls
   May 8th:
Plumbing and carpentry to complete. Awning if time allows

 dotThe 'Moon in June' dates for 2004 will be June 11th - 13th.

 dotThe 'Harvest Moon' dates for 2004 will be September 24th - 26th.

June, 2003:
 Dot The 2003 Celebration will take place on September 12th - 14th.

April, 2003:
Richard and I would like to take the time to thank all of the people who have helped to make the Harvest Moon Celebration the big success that it is.

We would like to especially thank Michael Duffy for all of his help with projects last year and this year as well as for hosting and maintaining the web site and mailing list.

Thanks to you all,
- Lynn & Richard Ferry

March, 2003:
Dot  Dam Raising Party:
We expect that this will actually take two or more weekends, so the schedule is as follows:
  May 10th & 11th: Prep, building field stone wall.
May 17th & 18th: Form work and concrete pouring, add railing and walkway and clean up. Perhaps improve the sitting area to the side.
Things to bring:
 DotMost tools and materials will be provided, but if you have any cordless had tools (saws & drills), do feel free to bring them up. Hammers may be in short supply.

 DotFood and sleeping bags, tents, etc...

 DotYour instruments!!! (this is a party, ya know)

February, 2003:
 Dot We have created a mailing list to help distribute information about events at Kowana Valley Ranch and The Harvest Moon Celebration. If you have not yet signed up on this list, please do so. It is now the main notification source.

December, 2002:
 Dot The 2003 Celebration will take place on either September 5th through the 7th or the 12th through the 14th.

 Dot The lower swimming hole has been dredged out by Richard last November. Let's hope for a reasonably wet winter and a mild summer so that we can enjoy the results of Richards hard work.

 Dot There are plans to raise the dam on the creek at the upper swimming hole. This will effectively make the swimming hole larger and deeper.  There will be a general call for people to come up and help with the work by day, and play tunes by night.  Expect this dam raising party next May or August right before Strawberry.